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  • Tue 27th - Thu 29th February 2024

Accepted Cases

Cardiac Imaging

TitleAuthor Name
Fact or Artifact of a left Atrial MassAbdalla Elagha
When the tunnel is dark, you may need a lightAhmed Salman
Acute Coronary Syndrome Presentation of a Patient with Congenital AnomalyAli Youssef
Using the best available care: The use of Conventional Ultrasonography to Diagnose a left atrial myxoma in a Local HospitalAmr Abdelbadee A. Othman
Massive Pulmonary EmbolismAyman Abdelhady
Embarrassing Right VentricleHaidy Mohamad
ACS and Cardiac MassMahmoud Abdelaziz Ismaiel
Huge right atrium, CMR is the keyMohamed Shoshan
A Multimodality imaging caseMohamed Shoshan
Malignant Mitral Valve ProlapseMohammed El Merry
Ebsteinoid Endomyocardial FibrosisSoheir Bostan

Interventional Cardiology

TitleAuthor Name
CTO Left MainAbdelaal Alkhouly
Threatened Vessel ClosureAhmed Khairy
Angioplasty of Totally Thrombosed Arteriovenous GraftAli Youssef
Late Triple Layered Stent Fracture with Aneurysm Formation; How to Manage?Ali Youssef
Transradial/Transbrachial Carotid Angiography and StentingAli Youssef
Precise Positioning of Osteal LCX Stent for Patient SafetyIslam Shehata
A Large Snake in the Left LungMahmoud Abdelshafy
Sometimes less is more, when SCAD SuspectedMahmoud Khalil
To be remembered, umbrella waits for the rain! (Umbrella technique for coronary perforation management)Mohamed Reda
A Challange that Created New HopeSally osama
Bailout Thrombosis of the Left Main Coronary Artery, how to deal?Saud Mohamed
Sequential Double Coronary ThrombosisSohil Abdalla Ahmed Elfar
Primary Coronary Intervention for Ectatic Distal left CircumflexSohil Abdalla Ahmed Elfar


TitleAuthor Name
A Case of Warfarin ResistanceHeba Shaker
Pulmonary Thrombosis (Case ased scenario)Mahmoud Shawky
A Case of Cardiac LymphomaMennatalla Saeed
A Common Disease in Uncommon ConditionMuneer Saif Abdulkhaleq Alshameery

Electrophysiology, Pacing and Devices

TitleAuthor Name
Verapamil Sensitive Atrial TachycardiaHaidy Yacoup
Micra is the last OptionOmar Nada
The first but not the lastWaleed Roshdy

Pediatric Cardiology

TitleAuthor Name
PFO Can Solve the problem during Balloon angioplasty of tight aortic.Saud Mohamed